This is an informational, non-commercial Weblog. It offers opinion and information on such subjects as computer technology, computer maintenance, software and its quirks, data security and virus protection.

The pages will be free from advertisements (except for any ads WordPress may insert automatically); they will always be non-political and as neutral as possible.

Beside my personal views and recommendations, the pages will reflect (or comment on) current informations found in the media. The source will always be mentioned clearly, and (of course) any article or picture on this blog will be generated by myself, Timmo Strohm, and will be my own original content.

Occasionally, I may stray from the principle of neutrality, as I strongly prefer Open Source Software and deeply resent some of the politics big software companies are using.

Any problems or questions? Please refer to the page „impressum“, where you will find all contact information necessary.

I hope this blog will help to solve or understand some of the more common computer problems.
Timmo Strohm,
January 2013

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